Daily Archives: April 28, 2011

Lorem Ipsum not cool at all

If you’re a UX professional, I suspect you’ve used Lorem Ipsum dummy text in your deliverables.

I’ve done it, but I don’t want to anymore.

It appears I’m not alone, but Lorem Ipsum dummy text in UX deliverables does us no favours. It adds confusion.

One of my main concerns at the BBC is to check if we have the metadata and content to deliver a great user experience. In my role as lead Information Architect for external projects, I often review wireframes from agencies. It has made me realise a really common question. “What is this text here?” [*points to dummy title or copy text*].

In a large data driven website (for example almost any website delivered on bbc.co.uk) it is important to know if a design will work in practice, given our metadata systems. A wireframe that has dummy text ‘This is the programme title’ as dummy text is much more easily understood than one that states ‘Lorem Ipsum’. “This is the brand title (maximum 90 characters)” is even better – it implies that you understand the data system being used to populate the wireframe, and makes it easier to understand if the design works.

So, lets all use better, more descriptive dummy copy please – copy derived from the underlying data and domain model is best. Lorem Ipsum, just say no, right?